Joanna Czerepko

Assistant Professor, University of Gdańsk
Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdansk, as well as many courses and trainings – including Sustainability Strategy and Circular Economics at the Judge Business School of Cambridge University. Currently an academic lecturer, she participates in international research projects. Previously, she was professionally involved in the consulting industry for many years.
The main focus of her research is ESG issues, the circular economy and consumer behavior related to conscious consumption. Her doctoral dissertation in the area of demand and external cost analysis, represented by the acronym ESG and circular economy, among others, contributed to her growing interest in sustainable development. The book written on the basis of the dissertation was awarded by the University of Gdansk Publishing House in 2023.
In September 2023, Dr. Joanna Czerepko initiated the establishment of the Pomeranian ESG.
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