Philippe Guillaumet

Secretary General, MEDports Association
Discussions panels:
Lack of balance in the container shipping markets – how long will it last? Implications for Europe and the Baltic Sea region.
Post-pandemic passenger market – the new normal and return to pre-COVID reality.
Doctor in Economic Sciences, Philippe Guillaumet has been hired by the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille in 2004, as responsible for the port investments in the strategy and finance direction. After this first experience, he was nominated at different functions always in relation with the building and the implementation of the Marseille-Fos Port strategy.
As responsible of the European affairs, he has highly contributed to put Marseille on the European map and as a leader port in Med. In this framework, he spent long years to convince the ports around the  MED to constitute a new cooperation network. Finally, in 2018 the MEDports association was created and count nowadays 24 ports. P. Guillaumet was elected general secretary of this association and he is occupying this function nowadays.
For the port of Marseille-Fos, as economic intelligence and European and international projects manager, Philippe Guillaumet steers the main promotional actions of the port of Marseille on the international scene.
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