Maja Felicia Bendtsen

Chief Business Officer – Bulk, Port of Roenne
Discussion panel:
Should fossil fuels disappear from ports, where will they turn for new revenue sources? Ports as hubs for green energies – need of investments.
Maja Felicia Bendtsen is a senior business development manager with experience from many years of business and product development in different industries. She has for many years been working on transformation of the energy sector from fossil energy to renewable energy, amongst others being project manager on EcoGrid EU, which was the largest Smart Grid project in EU with participation of every 10th household on the island of Bornholm. Latest she is the creator and leader of Bornholm Bunker Hub, a project where the partners Orsted, Ha!dor Topsoe, Ramboll, Bunker One, Bureau Veritas, Molslinjen, W5rtsila and Port of Roenne are working on creating Port of Roenne and Bornholm as the green gas station for the +60.000 vessels, that every year pass close by Bomholm.
Chief Business Officer Bulk, Port of Roenne
Responsible for business area Bulk, which includes dry bulk commodities like sand, wood chips and agricultural products as well as liquid bulk like oil and diesel. Has a task of transforming and growing the existing business by exploiting the opportunities related to the position of Port of Roenne in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

Market Insight Manager, GEA Process Engineering A/S
GEA wanted to improve the services and service products offered to customers with process plant in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Many products were developed without insights in customer needs and hence only gained little interest from customers. The job encompassed gaining deep insight in customer needs and the competitive market and share this knowledge with product managers to develop more market-oriented products. The job also included product management for a project that should create the basis for offering maintenance services to customers.
Business Development Manager, JENSEN Denmark A/S
Worked with business development, including energy efficiency and utilization of excess heat at laundries. Was appointed product manager for transportation systems inside laundries, which was installed to optimize operations. Was deeply involved in market investigations as well as selling, planning, production, and installations of the transport systems.
Project Manager at Ostkraft Holding A/S
In the beginning responsible for optimization of production at biogas plant. After a successful reconstruction of company and biogas plant, moved to projects about renewable energy, electric vehicles and Smart Grid project. Was project manager at EcoGrid EU, which involved 2000 households at Bornholm in flexible power consumption on a 5-minute market. Responsible for the project application and initial management of EcoGrid 2.0, which was a follow up on EcoGrid EU. Has worked closely together with multinational companies like IBM and Siemens as well as DTU CEE, Dansk Energi and Energinet.
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