Mondo Di Vinegre Restaurant


Enjoy the magnificent view of Port of Gdynia entrance while business networking - join evening meeting at Mondo Di Vinegre restaurant.

Our compatriots who emigrated, were missing home and homeland. One of the main longings was the one concerning flavors and aromas of home cooking, mainly festive, where fish has dominated, which depending on the region had different aromas and forms of serving. Thanks to the ability and willingness to continue and improve our culinary passion in a place dedicated to emigration, we decided to celebrate this element of our history by cooking, so that each of us, staying away from home, just after smelling first aroma brought with the dishes, could close eyes, and and feel like we’ve been moved to our homes and families. Mondo di Vinegre is a WORLD full of emotions… It's the magic of flavors that, like a magic spell, lets you imagine yourself at home. The Mondo di Vinegre restaurant adapt to the needs of guests, that is why events may has an intimate character or even up to 2,500 people.

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